Friday The 13th Reboot Update

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We know Jason Vorhees will be making his big screen return next year but little else has been revealed about the reboot. Recently though, producer Brad Fuller revealed a little about the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot, which he claims is still being worked on.

The producer reveals that the script is currently being worked on still but he remains optimistic that the film will enter production before the end of the year. However one thing he did stress on is that the new Friday the 13th will not be found footage style movie.

The trend of found footage has been immensely popular in the horror genre with franchises like The Blair Witch Project, Paranomal Activity and [REC] utilising the filming style to great effect. But Fuller assures fans that there is no truth to the rumours that Friday the 13th reboot will follow suit.

Even though Friday the 13th reboot is still in the midst of pre-production, the film dos have a relatively decent budget of between USD3 million to USD20 million, which should yield back its returns at the box-office, even if it’s a decent sized hit. Friday the 13th is scheduled for a May 2016 release.

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