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Final Episode Of Adventure of The Ring Premieres 24 January

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To propose, or not to propose, that is the question posed in the final episode of HBO Asia’s romantic comedy, Adventure of the Ring.

After travelling through the hands of several strangers as they learn to love in their own different ways, the ring will culminate its journey in the eighth and last episode of the HBO Asia romantic-comedy series Adventure of the Ring on Sunday, 24 January at 9pm exclusively on HBO GO and HBO (Astro Ch 411 HD). Binge-watch or catch up on all earlier episodes on the streaming service, HBO GO.

Titled “Propose? Or Not!”, the last episode follows the ring as it ends up back in the hands of its original owner, Yi-Zhi, who now finally understands the essence of love after hearing the adventures of the ring from Rossy’s radio show. With Lisa and him about to go abroad separately, Yi-Zhi wonders what to do.

Based on the romance novel ‘Ring of the Day’, Adventure of the Ring tells the stories of different couples who come in contact with an engagement ring.

Starring Chris Wang as Yi-Zhi, a baseball-loving actuary, and Allison Lin as Lisa, his free-spirited flight attendant girlfriend, the adventure begins on the morning of Yi-Zhi’s meticulously planned proposal when he misplaces the ring on the train.

While the search for the ring continues, Yi-Zhi and Lisa re-examine their future and what love means to them as the ring travels through the hands of other couples.

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