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Eight instalments on and we’ve seen the Fast & Furious crew go from street racers to international spies. Fast 8 stays on course for pretty much the same with a new plot twist coupled with a few character detours, all of which offset by uncountable action sequences. Although it arrives as probably the most outlandish of all the editions, there’s no denying that Fast 8 is not without its own unique set of qualities, one of which is showing Hollywood how to do an ensemble team-up movie the right way.

fate_furiousThe Story Fast 8 begins in Cuba with Dom and Letty on their honeymoon. However a mysterious woman shows up with leverage on Dom. The Fast & Furious team leader is turned and forced to turn his back on his family and becoming her personal henchman. As the team regroups, unexpected help arrives in the form of Mr Nobody and an unlikely ally in Deckard Shaw, the former SAS man who tried to take them out in Fast 7.

What Worked There should be some points given for the continuity in the franchise as Fast 8 seems to do its best to tie into the previous two films. The action sequences are also commendable as is the humour, which makes this one of the lighter and more fun instalments to the franchise.

Fast-8-cars-1What Didn’t Gaping plot holes aside, Fast 8 does take liberties in introducing nonsensical subplots and action sequences that look extremely cool but don’t make much sense. If you think taking out a drone with an ambulance was a tall order, wait till you see the zombie cars and the nuclear attack sub sequence in this one.

Plus Points Good humour and jokes. Great cars and there’s a lot of emphasis in playing off that whole buddy cop comedy formula between the central characters. Also Helen Mirren’s cameo appearance which is a scene stealer in itself and of course Kurt Russell’s reappearance as Mr Nobody.

fast_8_theronMinus Points The whole he is bad guy now he is a good guy and now he’s a bad guy motif that basically makes up the entire plotline of Fast 8. Sometimes you got to wonder if they’re just making sh*t up as they go along. And Dom turning into basically a superhero/secret agent, which is essentially Vin Diesel dialling in his leading man persona once again.

Conclusion It’s loud, brash and chock full of nonsensical action but unlike most other films, Fast 8 is an entertaining watch, which more than lives up to its summer blockbuster tag. Check your brain at the door and suspend all believe and you’ll pretty much be a happy camper as the end credits roll.

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