Ed Stafford: Into The Unknown

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Ed Stafford: Into The Unknown, sees Ed on a mission to investigate the planet’s newest mysteries. With photographs of Earth from the International Space Station and spy satellites showing strange and unexplained markings in some of the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet, Ed will set out to find the target, and solve the riddle.

From investigating gigantic white lines popping up on satellite images in remote West Papua to a strange pattern of circular dots in the middle of the Danakil Desert, Each astonishing image captures something hard to classify, previously unseen or anomalous. Ed will call on all of his expertise in extreme terrain and climate to uncover the truth.

In the first episode, Ed journeys to Kimaam Island in West Papua to find the cause of some mysterious white lines, covering a vast area in an uninhabited expanse of swamp. Helped by a team of travelling missionaries, Ed’s adventure takes a totally unexpected turn when he finds a group of indigenous people living in what was thought to be an uninhabitable swamp.

As the mystery deepens, Ed is led to a settlement no outsiders have ever visited before. Among the villagers he undergoes a tribal initiation, and discovers a startling insight into an ancient way of life.

Ed Stafford: Into The Unknown premieres 6 October, Tuesday at 9pm on Discovery (Astro Ch551)

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