Dumb and Dumber To

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20 years is a really long time for a sequel, but the Farrelly brothers have finally managed to lure Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels for another Dumb and Dumber film. No mean feat these days considering how far these two actors have come in their careers. Back in 1994, when Dumb and Dumber was released, Carey stood on the cusp of an amazing career that made him one of comedy’s most bankable stars. Daniels on the other hand displayed amazing comedic timing that added to his already impressive repertoire as an actor. His magnetic role in the Newsroom is further proof of that. But all their roles aside, Carey and Daniels are perhaps best known for playing Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. But has the two decade long wait, caused this sequel to fizzle more than sizzle?

dumb_duimber_to_1The Story Dumb and Dumber To opens nearly two decades after the first film where we find Lloyd Christmas in a mental institution. This however turns out to be ruse, orchestrated by Lloyd to prank his dimwit friend Harry Dunne. The two reunite and soon it’s revealed that Harry is in dire need of a new kidney and that he has a long-lost daughter who could provide the key to saving his life. Like the first film, the two friends embark on a cross-country romp across America to meet the daughter Harry never he had and also to find a donor to help save his life.

What Worked To be brutally honest, nothing. Initially, it was an entertaining thought to see Carey and Daniels on the big screen again but that notion starts wearing thin immediately after the opening credits are done.

What Didn’t The film has a lot of flaws but mostly it’s just soulless and quite honestly not very funny. Most of the jokes fall flat and there’s a lot of crass humour, and it’s just painful to see two brilliant actors opt for the cheap laughs.

dumb_dumber_to2Plus Points
Seeing the Mutt mobile once again.

Minus Points
Tasteless jokes, cheap humour and every politically –wrong joke you can think off.

Conclusion Frankly, you may think that the 20 year wait may have done this franchise in, and maybe there’s truth to that but overall we think the Farrellys would have done a better job with this one.Dumb and Dumber To is just painful and uncomfortable to watch, to the point where the characters turn out to be obnoxiously annoying and irritating.An utter waste of time.

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