Doctor Strange Review

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Marvel’s Doctor Strange is the final instalment of the MCU for 2016 and it brings to life the Sorcerer Supreme on the silver screen. Although not as mainstream as other Marvel characters, there’s a certain appeal behind Doctor Strange as it dwells into another part of the MCU that’s shrouded in sorcery and mysticism. Like Freddie Mercury once said, it’s a kid of magic…

The Story An origins tale, Doctor Strange revolves around a brilliant yet arrogant neuro surgeon whose livelihood is taken away from him after a horrific automobile accident. After losing the use of his hands, Doctor Stephen Strange uncovers a potential cure in Kathmandu. Arriving at a secret temple, he discovers ways to tap into the mystic arts, and as he dwells deeper into the knowledge of his power, he learns of a bigger threat that could potentially doom earth and all its inhabitants.

doctor_strangeWhat Worked Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the titular character, which is actually spot on.  The effects used in the film are also commendable as it takes the film into Inception territory with an alternate three-dimensional world.

What Didn’t Marvel films have always suffered in the villain department, especially with origins tales and Doctor Strange is no different. Iron Man had a villain who had an Iron suit and Captain America had a Nazi super soldier. No surprises then to see Doctor Strange go up against an arch nemesis who also has mastered the mystic arts.

Mads_StrangePlus Points Great effects, good humour despite being downplayed a tad and a decent enough storyline. Props also to the end credit sequence which reveals a familiar face which serves as a good taster for Marvel’s next big screen adventure next year.

Minus Points Confusing and overcrowded fight scenes. The end credit teaser for the next instalment to the franchise which also hints to a villain with similar powers as the Sorcerer Supreme.

doc_strange_tildaConclusion Despite its overdrawn action sequences and fight scenes as well as lack of inventiveness when it comes to creating baddies, Marvel has once again delivered a superhero flick that’s entertaining. It will be interesting to see what role the good Doctor will play in the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe in time to come and we eagerly await his next appearance, cameo or otherwise, on the big  screen.

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