Doctor Strange Confirmed For Infinity War?

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Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is primed and ready to become the biggest ever superhero ensemble film ever made. And if we thought the Russo brothers’ treatment of Civil War was already pushing the envelope it looks like Infinity War will break new ground when it comes to superhero smackdowns.

The first thing on everyone’s mind is who’s going to be in the upcoming crossover event besides the usual suspects of course. Besides the Avengers and the new big bad in Thanos, it seems that Doctor Strange will join the fray in this epic crossover. What role exactly the sorcerer supreme will play in the film remains to be seen but there’s no doubt Doctor Strange will bring magic into the equation.

A hint of that (or more we hope) will be revealed in Doctor Strange when it opens in November this year. Star, Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the titular character recently revealed in an interview that the character may well appear in the upcoming Infinity War.

Doctor Strange was previously mentioned briefly in The Winter Soldier but his standalone film may unveil what this magical superhero will bring to the table when Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas in summer 2018.

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