Disney To Launch Streaming Service

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Disney is looking to continue its global expansion and domination with a new streaming service which will be launched in 2019. According to a recent report, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the company is looking to launch this new service offering following its acquisition of a technology company called BAMTech.

The new Disney owned streaming service will incorporate an ESPN channel as well as a full library of Disney owned content, which pretty much means everything from Marvel to Star Wars. The potential loser from this is likely Netflix who will risk losing the latest Disney releases.

In 2012 both Disney and Netflix signed an agreement which saw the latest releases from Disney being made available for streaming exclusively on Netflix. Subscribers only needed to wait a few months to catch big blockbusters on the streaming channel. But now with the news that a new service is coming from Disney, it looks as if fans will have to sign on for this new Disney streaming service to catch the latest from the house of mouse.

It remains to be seen what the potential fallout from this huge development is. Disney could ultimately become Netflix’s biggest competitor in the streaming market due to its vast library of content. It also casts a shadow over the current Marvel/Netflix superhero franchises such as Daredevil and The Defenders, which have been rather successful for both brands.

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