Deadpool 2 Review

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Deadpool 2 is now in cinemas and it has pretty much proceeded to slice its way to a nice chunk of change at the box-office. The success formula for that is down to star, Ryan Reynolds embracing the character of Wade Wilson wholly and completely, even in marketing the film.

In terms of marketing, Deadpool 2 certainly delivered maximum effort but as a film, it does come up a bit short in many ways. That’s not saying that the sequel is a bad film, it isn’t. But it does fall short of the original film in many ways. It’s bigger, more action-packed and louder with more characters for sure; however Deadpool 2 just doesn’t have the same unique vibe that made the first film such a blast.

deadpool2_reynoldsThe main reason for that is it’s a film that uncomfortably treads on an extremely dark and serious side whilst delivering a corpus amount of humour, leaving audiences struggling to catch each punchline. The film sees Wade Wilson, crossing paths with evil henchmen that inadvertently gets his main squeeze, Vanessa killed.

Struggling with her loss, Wade goes on a self-pity trip until he crosses paths with Rusty Collins, a young mutant who can create and wield fire and Cable, a soldier from the future who wants to kill the boy. With his back against the wall, Wade decides to form his own superhero group to thwart Cable and maybe help save the day.

Although the film’s main storyline seems straightforward, Deadpool 2 touches on a lot of social issues. But, again, they all take a back seat with the mercenary constantly jibbing his way through the film and breaking multiple fourth walls. In a way it feels like it’s a Marvel movie which wants to be a Naked Gun movie.

deadpool-2-imageThe action and jokes come fast and furious almost to the point many slip through unnoticed. It’s got crazy cameo appearances too, which also end up as ‘blink-and-you-may-miss-them’ moments. Overall, Deadpool 2 is a mix bag of tricks, which brings you on a funny then sombre then funny ride. Fortunately despite all the chaos, it manages to be entertaining enough to watch.

However if we could pinpoint one main attribute the sequel has over the original and possibly countless other superhero movies of the past several years it has to be the wonderfully executed end credits scene. In fact, it’s worth a viewing of Deadpool 2 just for that.

Popcorn Rating: Bittersweet with a really lingering finish.

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