Dark Phoenix To End X-Men Franchise

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The answer X-Men fans have been waiting for has been answered with Disney announcing that Dark Phoenix will effectively end the mutant franchise. Following the acquisition by FOX this year, the mutant franchise will likely re-join Marvel Studios, which will chart a new path for the X-Men and all its related properties.

The possibilities are endless, especially factoring in the vast comic book history the X-Men has. However before we even begin to imagine what Disney might create, there’s a pressing issue of the remaining films under the FOX banner, namely Dark Phoenix and the New Mutants.

At the recent Movie Con, Disney has confirmed that Dark Phoenix will serve as the culmination of the X-Men saga. This means that we will most certainly see a new cast take over the beloved characters of the franchise in the near future. We can wave goodbye to them when the film hits cinemas in June.

As for the New Mutants, that film has been languishing in production hell following retools and reshoots. However, it looks like that film has done enough to keep the new owners happy as Disney is sticking to their early August release. New Mutants stars Anya Taylor-Joy and is supposedly delivering a horror take of the mutant franchise.

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