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Say hello to the new Jump Street, same as the old Jump Street.

When 21 Jump Street hit screens over two years ago, it took many moviegoers by surprise. It was a cop show from the 80s that was retooled and rebooted into a comedy. It was a formula we’ve seen in the past, but where Starsky & Hutch and The Dukes of Hazzard failed, 21 Jump Street succeeded and it solidified the careers of both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum whilst also making off with a hefty haul at the box-office.

So, it’s no surprise then why we’ve now got a follow-up to that highly successful movie, with 22 Jump Street. The film reunites Hill and Tatum who star as odd ball police partners Schmidt and Jenko, who now have a new case to solve. But the question mark for this one is raised though, how do you follow through on a film that was fresh, original and boasted a tonne of laughs. Well Lego Movie directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had an answer – just repeat the film all over again.

The Story: When we last saw Schmidt and Jenko, they solved a major case and were on their way to become super cops. So it’s only natural that 22 Jump Street opens with the duo on the verge of solving another caper, except that in true Schmidt and Jenko fashion, it doesn’t go down quite that well.

But salvation for both men comes in the form of a lead, which involves an all-new designer drug that has surfaced in a College. As the case bears identical similarities with Schmidt and Jenko’s old case, this forces the police department to start-up the Jump Street program again, this time in the premises right opposite the old 21 Jump Street (hence the change in addresses).

What Worked: It’s no secret that the whole ‘repeat’ angle for this film becomes a running gag throughout the film. In most cases, this would have backfired horribly, but Miller and Lord manage to make it work like a charm. Both Hill and Tatum as well showcase an on-screen chemistry and bromance, which results in a lot of the gags being converted into literal LOL moments.

jumpstreet1What Didn’t: Well, it’s an exact replica of the first film, which also meant that some of the recycled jokes don’t quite off so spectacularly because we’ve seen it all before. And the running gag that 22 Jump Street is the same as 21 Jump Street does come off a bit tired towards the end, even more so when all its characters keep rubbing the fact in your face ever so often.

Plus Points: Hill and Tatum’s chemistry and some truly funny moments orchestrated by Ice Cube.

Minus Points:  Going back to the well one time too often with the similar storyline and side gags.

Conclusion: Although it’s a carbon copy of the first, 22 Jump Street still manages to retain its charm and its humour enough for a totally fun outing.  It’s one of the funniest movies of the year by far, which is why it’s well worth a visit to go check this one out. But we’re hoping the producers don’t repeat the same formula for the third one.

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