Comic Con’s Best Unveils

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The San Diego Comic Con has concluded leaving fans excited of the prospect of some pretty exciting films and projects for the coming year. But for all the announcements and breaking news that made headlines at this year’s event, these are the ones that stood out…

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has had its fair share of ups and downs since it was announced last year but this year, it left Comic Con on a high. DC revealed the first footage of the film to fans and although short, it was stellar indeed. The clip starts off on a rainy night, before cutting to a silhouette of the Batman on a rooftop who turns on the Bat Signal. It shines into the night sky to reveal Superman hovering, and eyes glowing red, staring down at the Dark Knight who is clearly in a heavily modified suit. Short, sweet, and it made fans forget about Batfleck.


DC had another ace up its sleeve at Comic Con as they revealed what Gal Gadot would look like as Wonder Woman. Leaning more towards the warrior amazon look, which has gotten fans comparing her to Xena, Gadot does have the look to pull Wonder Woman off. We’re disappointed that they’ve ditched the star spangled spandex but otherwise, Gadot does look stunning indeed.


Not allowing DC to steal all the thunder, Marvel brought out its big guns with a huge panel consisting of stars from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Josh Whedon was on hand too to unveil the first clip from the movie showing the Avengers having fun at a party before it was crashed by Ultron, the lead baddie of the film. The biggest surprise though came from Josh Brolin who crashed the event wielding a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet, signalling his involvement in the Marvel Film Universe as Thanos.


The giant lizard scored big at the box-office this year, prompting Legendary Pictures to announce that Godzilla will return in a second outing in 2016 and he won’t be alone. Director Gareth Edwards has been confirmed as director again and ‘Zilla will also be bringing a few friends to his next party. According to Legendary Pictures’ official Twitter account, monsters Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah will feature in the next film, which essentially makes Godzilla II a Kaiju Battle Royale.


Godzilla wasn’t the only monster beastie that hogged the limelight at Comic Con. Legendary Pictures also revealed that a King Kong project is being planned as well. The new Kong film will be titled Skull Island, which is obviously a nod to the monster ape’s origins. We’re not sure if this is a prequel of sorts for the character or an updated one with a modern setting. Either way, with both monsters coming from the same studio, will a Godzilla v King Kong film be in the pipeline soon?

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