China Salesman Trailer

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Forget about King Kong vs Godzilla and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, because the mother of all face offs with China Salesman with Mike Tyson taking on Steven Seagal. In a surprising move, the film pits one of the most recognisable pro fighters on the planet against the Aikido exponent turned action star.

Frankly the film will be cringe worthy but will still find a place amongst B-grade movie fans despite the fact that China Salesman is based on a true story. According to the official synopsis, the film is centred on a Chinese engineer/salesman who gets on the wrong side of a corrupt competitor who is also vying for a lucrative African mobile deal.

Tyson portray a local tribesman with Seagal playing a mercenary leader who gets drawn into the conflict. The trailer alone is stocked to the brim with action and despite showing just a hint of an actual fight scene between the two big names, China Salesman will reportedly have an eight minute fisticuffs between Tyson and Seagal.

Produced by China’s Wanda Corporation, China Salesman also stars Dong-Xue Li, Janicke Askevold, Zijian Wang, Li Ai, and Eriq Ebouaney. Watch the carnage unfold on screen in mid-June when the film is released on VOD. For now a China Salesman trailer will have to suffice. Check it out below.

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