Cartoon Network Presents The Fungies!

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Get ready to adventure with The Fungies! Premiering on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635), Saturday, 14 November at 9.30am. This fun and exciting new series introduces Seth, a lovable mushroom kid who lives in prehistoric Fungietown and loves science and discovery.

The story revolves around The Fungies!, a bustling town of colourful and unique mushroom people who lived long ago on prehistoric Earth, and follows 10-year-old fungi-kid scientist Seth (Harry Teitelman), his older, more sensitive, and hunky brother Pascal (Stephen Neary); his younger, semi-conjoined, shapeshifting twin sisters, simply referred to as The Twins (Tama Brutsche); and his loving, matter-of-fact mom Dr Nancy (Jennifer Coolidge) across all sorts of cool quests.  

Whether it’s planning an epic show-and-tell presentation, trying to find his dinosaur friend Pam a job, or replacing his arm with a snake so he can be better at sports, he wants to share his enthusiasm with all of Fungietown.

With a little help from his artistic older brother, Pascal, this leads to hilarious and heart-warming discoveries. Join Seth and his friends on a fun, prehistoric adventure as The Fungies! debuts on Saturday, 14 November at 9.30am on Cartoon Network, with new episodes airing on weekends. Check out the teaser below.

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