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Marvel Studios’ long-awaited standalone superheroine movie, Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson is finally in cinemas. Needless to say, anticipation for the film is at a fever-pitch due to how Marvel has teed up this new hero of the MCU.

Following the ground-breaking events in Infinity War and Kevin Feige’s revelation that Captain Marvel will not only be the MCU’s most powerful hero but she will also be the face that leads the next phase for its superhero universe. But it seems that they may have oversold us on the pitch.

Captain Marvel is somewhat of a disappointment, ranking somewhere in the lower rungs of Marvel films. The origin story of the film is largely to be blamed as it ‘conveniently’ corals forces the timeline to accommodate the heroine’s place in the formation of the MCU.

The film tells the story of a Kree-warrior, who finds herself in the cross-hairs of an intergalactic war. However, she eventually discovers that there is more to her past than she is lead to believe. Eventually she lands on earth, which she discovers is her original home world, unknowingly bringing the alien fight to the planet.

The earth set-pieces are arguably the best bit about the movie, as it ties up the storylines between the lead characters. But this is also where most of the issues of Captain Marvel start unravelling. Despite being the MCU’s most powerful superhero, Larson’s portrayal comes across like an excitable teen discovering her powers for the first time.

brie_larson_captain_marvelThroughout the duration of the movie, it becomes quite hard to take the titular hero seriously as she smirks, delivers one-liners and oversells the fact that she is just so happy to be a superhero. Fortunately there are the secondary characters in the film that help give the movie a bit of heart.

Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of a greener, less cynical Nick Fury is fun to watch. Lashana Lynch also delivers a fine performance of Maria Rembeau, a surprise break out character with an important role to play. And there’s also Goose the cat, who quite literally steals the show in the third act.

Marvel_trailer2However the best bits about Captain Marvel are the nods to Stan Lee in the film and the story arc involving Talos (Ben Mendehlson), the leader of the Skrulls. The storyline revolving around the character truly make up the film’s finest moments.

Overall, after the stellar outing of Black Panther, the game raising stakes of Infinity War and the fun-ride that was Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel quite literally fails to compare. It will be interesting to see how the character will fit in with Avengers: Endgame and if fans will go along for the ride with the MCU’s new leader.

But overall as a film, it has to be said that despite Marvel Studios wanting to give fans its most powerful superhero, it ultimately delivered the MCU’s weakest link.

Popcorn Rating: Not Popping Fresh

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