Blue Thunder Remake

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The 80s was a boom time for aircraft films. We had Top Gun, Airwolf and Blue Thunder, which revolved around a high-tech police helicopter tasked to keep the peace. Now it seems that the 80s action thriller, which first began as a movie before it was turned into a TV series is headed for a big screen reboot.

Sony and Columbia Pictures are apparently behind the remake but it will be tweaked for a modern audience. And that most likely will mean that Blue Thunder will be a drone instead of an actual helicopter. It would seem that drones are the flavour of the year for Hollywood with no less than several films scheduled for the next few years.

In production at the moment are Good Kill with Ethan Hawke and Eye in the Sky with the Top Gun sequel being heavily rumoured to be revolving around the drone concept. Little is known about the Blue Thunder remake except that it will focus on a military-styled helicopter that is used for surveillance and keeping the law.

The original film starred Roy Schneider and Malcom McDowell. The Blue Thunder remake is scheduled for a release sometime in 2017.

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