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Check in to a world of fun at The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Story: Wes Anderson brings us this tale of Gustave H, a renowned concierge at the famous and opulent Grand Budapest Hotel. The story revolves around Gustave’s adventures told through the author (at first) and Zero Moustafa, the hotel’s bell boy who eventually winds up being Gustave’s best friend.

The film opens with an introduction to the characters and how a priceless painting eventually sends both Gustave and Moustafa on a perilous adventure across a landscape that is facing immense change due to a continental war. Put in the cross hairs of a bitter family feud, a murder mystery and a landscape that’s ever changing, both Gustave and Moustafa embark on a journey that not only defines their lives but also their friendship.

What Worked:
Like all Wes’ films, it’s the filmmaker’s vision that takes precedence along with his signature humour. The Grand Budapest Hotel is whimsical, touching and funny but it also serves up important life lessons in the middle of the creative chaos that comes to live on screen.

What Didn’t: Well, it is a Wes Anderson film and like his past projects like Moonrise Kingdom and The Life Aquatic, it can alienate some audience members. But since we’re not lump into that group, we have to say, Wes hasn’t put a foot wrong with his latest effort.

Plus Points:  Ralph Fiennes performance as Gustave. And the addition of past Wes Anderson collaborators who make their appearance in bit roles and cameos.

Minus Points:
The sharp wit and fast paced dialogue can often times leave you in a spot of catching up. Make no mistake it won’t leave you dazed and confused with what’s going on screen but it does require your full attention. And that’s not a bad thing, actually.

Conclusion: Arguably, with a great story and talented cast, The Grand Budapest Hotel should be considered as one of Wes Anderson’s best works by far.  Prepare to be touched and entertained by this absolutely wonderful tale.

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