Batmobile Through The Ages

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Pictures of the new Batmobile have already surfaced and thanks to director Zack Snyder, the world now knows what the Dark Knight’s ride will look like in Batman v Superman. Oozing style and tactical sophistication, the new Batmobile certainly looks the part as Batman’s ride, just like these vehicles that came before it…

TV SERIES (1966)
Ok, we admit the Batman series starring Adam West was campy as hell, but it did have one saving grace, the gorgeous Lincoln Futura concept inspired Batmobile. The first Bat-vehicle audiences’ saw in the flesh has a number of gadgets, all of which were kept in theme with the series campy style. But with a twin cockpit design and a jet thruster at the back, this 1960s Batmobile was the epitome of cool when it first came out (and still is to some degree today too).

Tim Burton ushered in a new era for the Batmobile as the vehicle featured a sleek elongated design accented with low overhangs and a central jet turbine. This version of the Batmobile boasted a retractable canopy, twin machine guns, grappling hooks and bomb dispensers. By far, it was one of the most beautifully designed vehicles Bats ever drove thus far.

With Michael Keaton leaving the franchise, Val Kilmer slipped into the batsuit and into a new ride. With Joel Schumacher at the helm, this version of the Batmobile sported neon rims and side pods and a large bat-centric spoiler at the back. It also had the capability to drive up vertical walls, which quite honestly was the dumbest thing a Batmobile ever did on screen.

Another new Dark Knight and another new Batmobile. That was the general trend with Shumacher’s follow-up to Batman Forever. This time though, the Dark Knight was given a roadster like Batmobile, with an open cockpit (which didn’t make much sense). Evidently Schumacher had a penchant for neon because this Batmobile had elements of that throughout its design too.

Christopher Nolan’s grittier and realistic take on the franchise resonated with the Batmobile too. The tumbler was one of the most rugged looking Batmobiles ever designed and it looked mean on screen too. With a tank like design and cannons, the tumbler was the toughest looking ride the Dark Knight ever had.

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