Baby Driver Review

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There’s been a tonne of hype for Baby Driver since the first trailer first dropped. With slick car chases a cool soundtrack, the Edgar Wright film certainly teased that it would be an unexpected hit. Well for the most part Baby Driver delivers but we feel the critics were just too complimentary with their initial fawning reviews.

The Story Baby Driver revolves around a young getaway driver whose skills behind the wheel of a car put him with very bad company. Eager to escape his life of crime and put it past behind him, he suddenly finds an escape in the form of a diner waitress. However, he finds himself falling back into his life of crime when his former crime boss refuses to let him walk away.

baby_driverWhat Worked The slick and practical driving stunts and car chases as well as the cool accompanying soundtrack. For the most part the music delivered a very Guardian-esque vibe, which was cool.

What Didn’t A lot of scenes in the film come off feeling like a music video trying to be a gritty action thriller. Wright does weave a bit of magic on screen but several scenes come off like a series of MTV videos for millennials.

Plus Points Great acting by the main cast as well as the supporting cast. Major props to Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx for their portrayal as hardened criminals. There’s also a lot of great dialogue, which is great for a film like this.

baby_driver_FoxxMinus Points Most of the best parts some off in the thriller as well as the short opening clip scene that was released online prior to the movie’s release.

Conclusion Baby Driver is fresh with some very cool sequences. However it doesn’t quite live up to the hype nor is it a modern day classic. Wright does deliver an entertaining film , fuelled by great music and good action sequences with a little love story in between, but that’s really all Baby Driver has going for it.

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