B-Grade Flicks Of 2015

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Are they bad to a point they’re good? Or do they cater to a select group of audiences that just so happens to love them? Well from Grindhouse-esque films to spoofs, these are the B-Grade Flicks of 2015, which will be released in the coming months. Straight to DVD and Digital Download of course…


A secret experiment goes awry causing hundreds of dinosaurs to wreak havoc in Los Angeles. That’s the premise behind Jurassic City, which is in no way related at all to Jurassic World. But imitation as they say is the greatest form of flattery, which to be honest, doesn’t quite work the same way in this case.


Cross The Walking Dead and Mad Max and you get Wyrmwood, a post-apocalyptic tale that puts zombies in the path of survivors with serious road rage. Despite the premise, there’s a fair amount of gore, violence and the undead getting their heads blown off. And the production quality isn’t all that bad too.


Universal Pictures maybe mulling over the direction its classic monster franchise it will take but someone has already got the ball rolling, for better or for worse. This low budget horror monster movie mash-up pits two iconic monsters in an epic brawl. Who will win? Do you even care?


Taking a page out of history and then adding a dash of horror and a sprinkling of the supernatural and you get Reichsfuhrer-SS. The film looks at Hitler’s most loyal henchman, Heinrich Himmler who ends up meeting Erebus, the gatekeeper of hell after he dies. Yeah, let that one sink in for a second…


Who would win if a group of highly-skilled ninjas take on Frankenstein, Dracula, the Werewolf and the Mummy? Ninjas vs Monsters addresses that scenario, as it caps off a film series that saw ninja warriors take on all manner of villains including zombies and vampires.

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