Avengers: Infinity War Review

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To say that Avengers: Infinity War isn’t the most anticipated movie of 2018 is a gross understatement. After all a lot is riding on this epic superhero ensemble movie, especially as it was built up over the course of the last ten years. With the world’s best actors portraying the world’s most iconic characters, Disney and Marvel has raised the stakes and bet big on the MCU and it looks to be paying off in a very big way.

infinity_war_2Infinity War is huge. In fact it makes all films that preceded it look small. You’d expect nothing less from a film that attempts to tie-in the 18 films that came before this one. As such, Infinity War sprints off the starting line and never really stops right up until the time the end credits roll. Even then it only serves as a little breather before the end credits stinger rolls, which also tees up the next chapter of the MCU. And that predominantly is what’s good as well as bad about this epic superhero film.

Infinity War begins where the last Marvel adventure left off, in space on board the Asgardian refugee ship seen in Thor: Ragnarok. The first five minutes alone sets up the villain Thanos and his Black Order, and it immediately raises the stakes for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The introduction raises the stakes for the heroes and for once, audiences know that the heroes are outmatched by this Marvel villain.

infinity_war_thanosThe action shifts from space to earth, essentially splitting the heroes into interconnected story arcs revolving around the Infinity Stones. Each superhero team leads their own mission in an attempt to stop Thanos from getting all five stones, which he intends to use to wipe out half the universe.

To their credit, the Russos are able to pair up the heroes nicely in terms of both chemistry as well as tone. Although the action and special effects are great, it’s the humour and character chemistry is what makes Infinity War a great ride, although an exhausting one at that.

The film has a lot to play for and it leaves some heroes with very little screen time or practically no time at all. It’s a mad rush from start to finish, leaving only Thanos as the character with the most development throughout the 2.5 hour film.

infinity_war_wakandaAlthough some heroes get to shine and some loose ends are tied up post Civil War, Infinity War ultimately allows Marvel to doing what it needed to do with its MCU, specifically cutting the fat (and some of its characters), and setting up what will be the next phase of this superhero universe.

By the time the third act wraps, it will leave audiences satisfied and wondering where the MCU will go from Infinity War. The answer is not as straightforward as it seems, although audiences will probably figure it out by the time they leave the cinema.

Infinity War will be worth your money but to some it will be like a highly-entertaining roller coaster ride that goes on for just a tad too long. That said it does live up to its billing as the superhero film to end all superhero films.

We can’t wait for the next phase of this adventure when Disney finally puts the ‘Marvel’ back into the MCU.

Popcorn Rating: Super Fresh & Tasty

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