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It goes without saying that Warner Bros’ superhero universe needs an overhaul, and fortunately the first wave of that starts with Aquaman. Directed by James Wan, the standalone superhero adventure sees Jason Momoa once again reprise his role as Arthur Curry a.k.a. the Aquaman.

the_aquamanFresh off stealing scenes in Justice League, Momoa once again delivers a fun and endearing performance of the reluctant superhero. This time around without having to share scenes with his more established superheroes of the DCEU, the character holds his own in this underwater adventure.

Aquaman kicks off straight into the action with an underwater heist that forces the hero to make a save. Taking place after the events of the Justice League, which is mentioned in passing, Arthur is embracing his role of a protector. But under the directorship of Wan, the film also strays into delivering a meaningful backstory explaining the origins of the character.

momoa_wilsonTying the past with the present, Aquaman involves more than just the character’s backstory but also his future, being the heir apparent to the throne of Atlantis. It is a role that Arthur is forced to contend with following an altercation with his half-brother, King Orm played by Patrick Wilson, who incidentally wants to start a war.

With his only hope being a legendary trident, Aquaman sets off on a search with Mera (Amber Heard) to locate the weapon with the baddies in hot pursuit. But it’s not merely a one on one CGI slugfest between the characters as both the film’s baddies, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and King Orm, get their own backstories flesh out somewhat.

mera_aquamanTherein lays the beauty of Aquaman, and the story it tells, which retains an audience engagement throughout the film’s two hour runtime. Although rife with CGI, and stunning visuals, the heart of the film is still its characters. Most interestingly, Aquaman is also lighter in tone compared to previous DCEU films that we have had to endear with.

Hopefully Warner Bros stays on course with this new direction because Aquaman is certainly way more fun and interesting compared to other superhero films we’ve seen so far –Wonder Woman being an exception of course.

aquamans_momoasStepping into the cinema, I wasn’t expecting much but to the film’s credit, I came away pleasantly surprised with this superhero adventure. Warner Bros has finally delivered a fun, entertaining and refreshing DCEU adventure, and strangely enough they just had to add water to finally get it.

Popcorn Rating: Fresh, Sweet & Tasty

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