Aladdin Review

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Disney’s live-action universe is pretty lucrative, which is why we’ll be seeing more classic cartoons come to cinemas. For now though, we have Aladdin, which is helmed by Guy Ritchie and headlined by Will Smith.

Those expecting a different take on the film; well you’re in for a bit of a disappointment because Aladdin pretty much is a frame by frame carbon copy of the animated film. That’s not saying that it is any less entertaining because the original was pretty good, it just comes off as a little surprising, especially from a visionary director like Ritchie.

Going for the safe route is perhaps a call from the higher ups at Disney, but they probably didn’t want to muck up the classic – especially when there’s a potential risk to the box-office. So what fans basically get is a rehash and photocopy of the 90s animated feature just packaged in a more visually (and expensive) CGI package.

The end result is a grand spectacle with big musical numbers and crazy shenanigans by the Genie. Overall it isn’t bad, it’s just what we pretty much seen it all before, except for one or two segues within the story.  It’s big, colourful but definitely far from fresh.

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