Actors Who Badly Need A Comeback

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These stars were once pegged to be Hollywood’s next big thing, but these stars are shining less bright these days owing to some unfortunate career calls. If there was a need for some badly needed career overhauls, these guys would be our top picks.

The Story: A breakout star on TV’s Friday Night Lights, Kitsch was earmarked for a big screen Hollywood career. He kick started his move by snagging the coveted role of Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
The Misstep: Kitsch scored a pair of starring roles in two big budget blockbusters in 2012, which dealt a vicious blow to this young star’s career. The actioner, Battleship failed to connect with U.S. audiences whilst the sci-fi epic, John Carter, didn’t quite deliver returns on its inflated budget.
The Revival: Although he has kept busy with a number of roles, Kitsch is looking to rebuild his career from the ground up. His turn as a supporting character in Lone Survivor, has drawn considerably praise and he is also been rumoured for a role in the HBO series, True Detective, which could be the best move for this young man to make his comeback.

The Story: Shia was considered one of Hollywood’s hottest properties. He garnered rave reviews for his portrayal of a teen living under house arrest in Disturbia, which then open doors to starring roles in blockbusters like the Transformers Trilogy and Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
The Misstep: We can’t pin point precisely where it went wrong with Shia but allegations of plagiarism for his short film, Howard, seems to have started the downward spiral of this brilliant actor’s career. He then appeared at the premier of the film Nymphomaniac with a paper bag over his head earlier this year and caused a public ruckus by disrupting a Broadway musical starring Alan Cumming.
The Revival: The supporting role beside Brad Pitt in The World War II drama Fury Road could be the start of the long road back for Shia. But clearly, the young actor needs an intervention of a different sort if he attempts to revive his acting career. Because Hollywood tends to shy away from actors who have public meltdowns, just ask Mel Gibson.

The Story: The sitcom Two Guys a Girl and Pizza Place gave Reynolds his shot at stardom and he took full advantage of it. He had audiences in stitches in Van Wilder, romanced Sandra Bullock in The Proposal and went toe to toe with Denzel Washington in Safe House. In a short span of time, Reynolds’ career was reaching stratospheric heights before it hit an emerald ceiling…
The Misstep: The abysmal Green Lantern brought Reynolds down to earth and his subsequent follow-ups, R.I.P.D and the animated feature Turbo failed to ignite at the box-office. With a string of underperforming films, Reynolds stature as a leading man is now under fire.
The Revival: Reynolds hasn’t stopped acquiring roles and has several projects in the pipeline in the next few years.  But our money on this actor’s revival will be placed squarely on the shoulders of the comic book character, Deadpool, if the Marvel comic adaptation can see the light of day that is.

The Story:
Another young star that Hollywood pegged for great things. Hartnett featured in actioners like Black Hawk Down, Sin City and Pearl Harbor and proved his diversity too in comedies like 40 Days and 40 Nights. But as quickly as Hartnett’s stock began to rise, it also unceremoniously began to fall in a relative short time.
The Misstep:
A succession of box-office bombs was all it took to unravel this star’s potential. Lucky Number Slevin, The Black Dahlia and 30 Days of Night sent Hartnett back to the end of the acting line, which he stayed acting in forgettable flicks like Bunraku.
The Revival:
TV could prove to be the salvation for Hartnett’s career, especially when glowing reviews are pouring in for the supernatural drama Penny Dreadful. If a second successful season were to follow, perhaps we’ll see Hartnett again in a substantial hit on the big screen in the not too distant future.

The Story:
This Aussie actor came out with guns a blazing and scored an impressive start in Hollywood by fronting three big budgeted actioners back to back.  Avatar would remain his calling card but Terminator: Salvation and the remake of Clash of the Titans brought this star deftly down to earth.
The Misstep:
Although he’s kept busy, Worthington starred in smaller films over the last few years. The thriller Man on the Ledge had modest success whilst the follow-up, Wrath of the Titans was arguably slightly better than first instalment. He also took on a supporting role in the Arnold Schwarzenegger action thriller Sabotage, which evidently no one saw.
The Revival: Unlike most actors on this list, Worthington is already gearing up for another blast at superstardom with a trio of Avatar films, scheduled to hit cinemas from 2016 to 2018. What else would an actor need to plot his comeback?

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