5 Scariest Zombie Scenes On Netflix

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Let’s admit it, zombies and their infectious bites are among the world’s worst apocalypses ever and these flicks on Netflix will prove it. The sight of the undead rising and chasing after the living can cause us nightmares for days or even weeks!  With Halloween coming up next month, there’s no better time to plan a Netflix and Chills night in and catch up on these zombie favourites.

Catch this short video clip HERE on the scariest zombie scenes, all streaming on Netflix now.

While the latest zombie thriller film #ALIVE gives us a familiar depiction of the current lockdown situations, there’s no other way for the two characters Oh Jun-u (Yoo Ah-in) and Kim Yu-bin (Park Shin-hye) to survive except to meet each other and escape using all the tools and gadgets they have. Catch the most thrilling scene as the two confront hundreds of zombies around their apartment complex and fight their way to stay alive!

I Am Legend
Looking for a classic zombie film? It’s time for you to revisit I Am Legend. As the last survivor of a pandemic that wiped out most of mankind on earth, Robert Neville (Will Smith) tries to find a cure every day while searching for food and supplies with his only companion Sam – a female German Shepherd. When Sam goes missing, Neville had no other choice but to get into a building full of zombie-like creatures just to save her. Brace yourself for one of the most gripping zombie scenes in film history!

Black Summer

Black Summer
Set during the earliest days of an apocalypse, Black Summer: Season 1 follows Rose (Jaime King) and her family who are trying to survive the situation by rushing to a military checkpoint for help. While her daughter passed the test and was being evacuated, her husband is actually hiding an infection so Rose has to find a safe place for both of them. As her husband turns into a dangerous zombie, will her love still last forever?

World War Z
World War Z follows a former UN field agent Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) who is forced to find the source of a zombie outbreak that threatens the world in order to save his family. Gerry was sent to different places including South Korea and Jerusalem during his mission, but things didn’t go as planned. Everyone’s in for a surprise when the zombies scale the walls and attack!

While most zombie films and series depict a post-apocalyptic situation, Kingdom is set during Korea’s Joseon era and gives you a unique twist. The end of Season 2 might leave you curious with some unanswered questions, but before the next season is out, let’s not forget how thrilling it was when Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) and the remaining soldiers made their last stand facing countless zombies at the frozen lake.

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