100 Foot Journey

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Movies about food succeed in doing one thing – make you hungry all throughout the movie. The 100 Foot Journey sticks true to script as it offers a delicious tale that revolves around a rivalry between proprietors of an Indian Restaurant and a Michelin starred classical French eatery.

Based on the book by Richard C. Morais and produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey and starring Helen Mirren, The 100 Foot Journey, like a good meal, starts off slow, fills you up midway before ending on a sweet note. And for a food-centric movie, that’s all you could really ask for…

100_Foot1The Story: The 100 Foot Journey focuses on several characters – Madame Mallory an ice-cold owner of a French restaurant, Papa the patriarch of the Kadam family and Hassan, the oldest son, which has a talent for cooking. The story revolves around the Kadam family who journeys to the South of France to open a restaurant, which is a mere 100 feet away from Mallory’s classical French eatery. Sparks soon start flying and a rivalry is born but eventually that gives into a larger more meaningful story, one that involves Hassan’s quest to become a gastronomic genius.

What Worked: The creative and cultural differences between the French and Indian characters in the film and how it eventually thaws from its cold demeanour into something that’s warm and heartfelt as they bond over a common subject – food.

What Didn’t: Certain elements of the storyline, which seem all too convenient at times. And for a food film, it really doesn’t have that many food shots. Well not as many as we would have liked anyway.

Plus Points: The sweet nature of the film and how all elements of the storyline ties into one central theme, which is a pursuit of culinary excellence.

Minus Points: The formulaic and predictable nature of the film, which doesn’t stray too far away from other feel good films in the past. It’s also a bit long in the tooth, running at just over two hours.

Conclusion: Well despite a few minor missteps, The 100 Foot Journey nevertheless does serve up an appetizing and wholesome tale. It’s a feel good film to take in on a weekend afternoon, before going off to gorge yourself silly right after.

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